Step 7: Record and share the results

  • A report should be prepared on the self-evaluation (which could be as simple as a SWOT proforma written during the final review).
  • However, you might want to write a fuller report, depending on the purpose of the self-evaluation and the audience. It should recognise key strengths, and also identify development needs and priorities, and set measurable targets for improvement. You may wish to send a copy of the report not only to the stakeholders who took part in the self-evaluation, but also to other partners or agencies who might be interested in sharing good practice, or improving services.
  • Any actions in areas for improvement that are identified can be addressed straight away, or entered into a development plan to be addressed when possible.
  • It might also be useful to scan the chosen actions/priorities, and consider which could be taken to Community Planning or other joint planning structures for inclusion in their development plans.
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