Step 4: Gather existing evidence

  • You may be able to answer your self evaluation questions already, without asking any more – you may feel you already know the answers. This is fine – but can you prove it?  In order to prove your thoughts are correct, you need some evidence.
  • You’ll undoubtedly already have some evidence, so rather than re-invent the wheel… 
  • Make a list, collectively, about the existing evaluative evidence you might be able to draw on regarding the quality of the activity or delivery.
  • Gather the evidence you have identified on the list. 
  • Then ask yourselves – does it answer the QI questions?  Is there a sufficiently broad range for you to be satisfied that you have a ‘rounded’ picture of performance and quality? Are you comfortable that you know for sure what the key stakeholders (practitioners, partners, participants etc) think of the project?  (There’s more detail about what constitutes good evidence in Step 5)

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