Self-evaluation with partnerships

The same principles of self-evaluation apply to partnerships. It is in the interest of best CLD practice that CLD partnerships self-evaluate on a regular basis.

A mini-SWOT analysis (‘what are the strengths, weaknesses/learning points, threats, opportunities for this partnership’) may help to start the process off, and generate some themes for self evaluation.

These themes could then be explored in terms of ‘strengths’ and ‘areas for improvement’ (and possibly ‘actions to take forward’).

If the group finds it difficult to generate themes, then some questions to have in reserve might be:

  • Impact (how do participants benefit from the project? could they benefit more, or in different ways?)
  • Gathering information about the impact of the project (how do they know what the impacts are, and can they prove them?)
  • Inclusion (is the project reaching the people who most need it?)
  • Sustainability (how are they ensuring that the project will carry on? Is there a sense of direction?)
  • Progression (how can they try to ensure that learners retain and/or build on their learning?)