New overarching framework

The Overarching Framework  (See ‘A Framework For Evaluating The Quality Of Services And Organisations’: Education Scotland Nov 2012) for the education and learning sector encourages those providing education and learning services to consider the quality of their work in relation to six high level questions:

  1. What key outcomes have we achieved?
  2. How well do we meet the needs of our stakeholders?
  3. How good is our delivery of key processes?
  4. How good is our operational management?
  5. How good is our strategic leadership?
  6. What is our capacity for improvement?

Underneath the six high-level questions are ten key areas; and underneath these are the detailed Quality Indicators, or QIs, (including a range of themes).  See Resource 8 for a table to view these. Taken together, all these give a framework around which to answer the question ‘How good is the Learning And Development in our Community ?’.  For more detail of the new six high level questions see Resource 9; and for detail of how the new framework will link to HMI Inspection, see Resource 10.

For detail of how the PSIF (Public Services Improvement Framework) relates to the new Overarching Framework, see Resource 13 for a diagrammatic representation, and Resource 14 for a statement from Education Scotland HMI about PSIF.